Hip dysplasia is often asymptomatic. It may result from a change in the child development, without the possibility of making the proper diagnosis until it reaches bone maturity. In most cases it is sufficient a radiograph of the anteroposterior pelvis, properly centered and with good resolution, to run a diagnosis. (fig. 1). When there are symptoms (see section "What is hip dysplasia? "). é importante que o seu médico prescreva uma radiografia da bacia inteira (e não apenas das ancas separadas) e que interprete as imagens de displasia:


  • The blue angle (center-lateral) measures the size of the coverage of the femoral head; its normal range should be between 27 and 30 degrees. The yellow angle (acetabular index) measures the inclination of the acetabular ceiling and its normal value should be between 0 and 10 degrees. The image shows a bilateral dysplasia with altered angles.
  • In situations where the angles are close to normal and there is still some dysplasia, a radial MRI and intraarticular contrast allows to observe the state of the cartilage and labrum and draw conclusions regarding the presence of lesions or not.
  • In some cases it is important to make more specific radiographs placing the hips in certain positions to decide on the best treatment (dynamic radiographs).


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